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You know you want to live it up in the pervasive warmth of the summer while it lasts, but doing so in a manner that is both safe and comfortable can be challenging… particularly when you never know how the weather might change from one day to the next.

Thus, flexibility and preparedness are key come time to finally kick back in your own backyard.

And if you’re not sure just how, exactly, to move in that direction, allow us to introduce you to the various screen options Sunesta provides to its Midwestern customers!

The Safety of Solar Mesh

While the Midwest summer may be cooler in general in comparison to other regions of the United States, that doesn’t mean the strength of the sun is lessened.

After all, no matter where in the country you live and/or work, the ultraviolet rays from the sun are apt to cause sunburns or worsened conditions — such as melanoma or skin cancer — if one is exposed and unprotected for years at a time.

Thus, Sunesta’s solar mesh screens are ideal for Midwestern residents who are excited at the prospect of living up the warmer, more temperate months of the year! Now, you can deflect harmful sunlight, keep up to 20 degrees cooler, and bask in the beauty of your outdoor surroundings all in one place.

Opening Up to Opaque Fabrics

Speaking of sunlight, sometimes you just want to turn your shade up a notch. And we agree that you absolutely deserve that control! That’s why we also offer a full menu of opaque fabrics, which were designed with both your eyes and privacy in mind.

Whether you’re looking for one of the shadiest options possible or you simply want enhanced protection from the prying eyes of nearby neighbors, our opaque screens are ideally suited to your home.

What’s more, this option is available to you regardless of whether you opt for the Sentry or the Sunroll!

Coming Clear With Vinyl Windows

“Great,” you may be thinking. “I love the idea of being protected from the sun, but what about when it’s far from sunny?”

Don’t worry — we have you covered on that front, as well!

Here at Sunesta, the material of your screen does not need to be limited only to mesh. In fact, in order to better enhance your protection against wind, rain, and cooling temperatures, we also offer screens designed with clear vinyl windows!

After all, you deserve enhanced safety and comfort amidst the ever-changing Midwest climate. These windows afford you a clear view of your favorite porch or patio area, all while keeping you shielded from the elements that might otherwise impede your summer relaxation.

Inching Toward Insect Protection

You’ll never again have to sacrifice fresh airflow for protection from outdoor pests.

With insect screens designed by Sunesta, you can deploy or retract your screen at the push of a button, thereby unfurling immediate protection whenever the buzzing and biting of Midwestern bugs just get to be too much.

What’s more, you can further customize this feature depending on how tightly you want your screen mesh to be woven together. With varying degrees of tightness in the fibers, you can opt for a looser weave that lets in more air or a tighter one that will more effectively block even the smallest of pests.

Don’t let the summer leave you with another year of Midwestern melancholy. Instead, invest in a revolutionary Sunesta screen!

Fade-resistant, durable, and capable of being installed according to your home or business’s unique dimensions, your screen will leave you satisfied and ready for an outdoor excursion. To learn more about our nation-leading warranty and other innovative products, contact our team today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA!