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Nothing says “summer” quite like sitting out in the sun with a cool drink in hand.

But even with sunglasses, a floppy hat, and the continual angling of your chair to avert your gaze from direct sunlight, let’s be honest — oftentimes, it’s simply not enough protection. Especially come time to tackle the Northeastern fluctuation of the seasons, what you truly need is enhanced protection.

And what do you deserve? Well, you deserve the opportunity to choose from several different Sunesta screens and their varying benefits!

#1 – Pest Protection

When pests invade the safe haven of your own backyard, it may feel as though there are few, if any, means of blocking their entry. The good news? The more tightly woven the mesh, the less likely it is that they’ll crawl and wriggle their way in.

That’s why our insect screens come in varying degrees of tightness — because if you live in a Northeastern state more prone to the proliferation of tiny pests, a tighter mesh will enhance your outdoor comfort.

What’s more, Sunesta’s screens are resistant to mold and mildew.

And while this may sound unrelated to bugs, the truth is that the higher the humidity, the more likely summer bugs are to swarm your space. Similarly, the more humid the season, the more likely mold and mildew spores will grow around your property.

But with mold-resistant screens that are also designed to repel insects? Well, let’s just say you’ll be protected from the invasion of more than one outdoor organism that might make your skin crawl!

#2 – Sunlight Sanctuary

Ah, the summer sun. While its rays warm your skin and the bright outdoor scenes warm your heart, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take certain precautions in the wake of sun exposure.

After all, UVA and UVB rays can still wreak havoc on your health over prolonged periods of time, thereby undercutting the time you may usually spend enjoying your own outdoor spaces and activities.

Our Solution? Solar mesh.

In the Northeast, July especially sees an increase in overall hours of sunshine per day, with the total monthly average reaching approximately 338.24 hours of sun exposure in July alone.

Additionally, we also offer various opaque screens, thereby offering you enhanced control over both the brightness and privacy of your patio, porch, or pergola.

#3 – Storm Safety

Did you know that this summer is expected to be a particularly stormy one for the Northeast? Of course, increased levels of rainfall aren’t exactly new for these states.

In fact, during the summer of 2020, “rainfall during the first half of August varied widely, from less than 25% of normal in New England to more than 200% of normal in southeastern parts of the Northeast,” according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC).

Thus, we believe that outdoor screens shouldn’t only provide adequate shade; rather, they should also offer a modicum of shelter from the rain, high wind, and even cooler weather in general.

That’s why Sunesta screens may also come fitted with clear vinyl windows! That way, not only will you be shielded from rain and wind, but you can also better maintain your temperature of choice on your patio while enjoying the view of the passing summer shower.

So, are you ready to enhance your property for the impending summer months? Then it’s time to contact Sunesta!

Not only are all of our screens 100% American-made and custom-designed according to your home’s dimensions, but they’ll also come with the nation’s leading warranty! Between all that and FREE installation by your local dealer, what’s not to love?

To get started with your FREE estimate, call 1-800-SUNESTA today!