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In the sweltering Southwest, investing in protection for the heat just makes sense. Consequently, many homeowners today are choosing to cool down and step up to the plate of installing exterior home enhancements, such as with awnings or pergolas.

But what, exactly, are the differences between the two?

Don’t worry — if you’re left puzzling over the pros and cons of each, we’re here to shed a little light on the matter.

Taking a Peek at the Pros

Awnings are retractable extensions of your outdoor space. Specifically, an awning is connected to the side of the house itself, rendering it immobile and reliable in one given space.

In particular, when one installs an awning, they’ll find that they can easily remain up to 20 degrees cooler in their Southwestern home (and yes, that does mean it may also reduce your overall energy bill). Moreover, an awning provides enhanced protection from the sun, particularly if the awning fabric itself offers a UPF of 30 or more.

A pergola, on the other hand, is a freestanding structure that can be built anywhere a homeowner desires in their outdoor space.

Pergolas are built to be sturdy and allow for enhanced airflow, as their durability is not dependent upon the home’s structure. Additionally, based on the design elements of a pergola, a homeowner may further customize the unique space. Most commonly, property owners grow climbing plants along wooden lattice work of the pergolas themselves.

Considering the Question of the Cons

While both awnings and pergolas offer their various benefits, what truly determines whether a homeowner buys one or the other is typically found in the drawbacks of each.

For example, while the stationary nature of awnings provides them with enhanced strength in the wake of adverse weather conditions, it also renders them inflexible in terms of location. Once installed in a singular place, they cannot be moved without having to undergo the entire installation process once again.

Pergolas, on the other hand, do not provide quite as much protection as an awning typically would. Where awnings are apt to provide consistent shade and are even resistant to fading, pergolas are less likely to provide continuous protection by virtue of their open structure.

Typically, pergolas also require more maintenance, as the wood needs to be kept in optimized condition for all of the unpredictable Southwestern seasons.

When the Real Difference is Sunesta

Regardless of which option you choose for your Southwestern home or business’s outdoor comfort, one thing is certain: Sunesta can help you live life in the shade and elevate your overall outdoor experience!

Sunesta offers over 130 different fabric options for both awnings and pergolas alike, thereby increasing your home value with an awning and/or providing enhanced protection under the shelter of your pergola.

In short, no matter which choice you make, you’re bound to make a good one with Sunesta!

If you’re ready to experience the Sunesta difference, the next step is simple: contact our team today and request a FREE estimate by calling 1-800-SUNESTA. Between our white-glove customer service, nation’s leading warranty, and revolutionary products, we guarantee you’ll relish our reliability.