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While the fall months may be close on the horizon, let’s face it: The summer heat is going to remain a constant companion in the Southeast until it’s nearly winter, regardless of whether or not we like it.

Thus, installing some form of outdoor protection is a wise investment no matter the time of year.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you know what, exactly, you should invest in. An awning? A pergola? And what’s the difference, anyway?

If any of the aforementioned questions ring a bell, allow us to explain…

The Absolutes of Awnings

Retractable, durable, and capable of even pulling down your home’s cooling costs, awnings are ideal installments come time to protect both your property and yourself from exposure to the sun’s brutal beams.

Specifically, awnings are aesthetically pleasing — especially when customized to your home’s color palette and dimensions — and are therefore capable of enhancing your overall property value.

What’s more, awnings are capable of keeping you and your loved ones up to 20 degrees cooler, thereby curbing the chance of anybody suffering from the Southeast’s signature heat exhaustion.

And when you opt to work with Sunesta? You also get your choice of over 130 different fabric options… many of which are rated UPF 30 or higher and approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation!

That being said, the one primary drawback of awnings is that they must be attached to the side of your home to be properly deployed and utilized, meaning you cannot elect to use them in any chosen area of your outdoor space.

A Preference for Pergolas

Where awnings are specifically attached to one part of your property, pergolas are versatile in that they are entirely separate structures that you may build wherever you’d like.

Especially favored for homeowners in the Southeast who have garden areas in their backyard, pergolas are capable of being customized in terms of the wood construction, thereby enhancing the sunshine your outdoor plants may receive and increasing the general sense of whimsy to your home.

However, pergolas are not quite as effective as awnings come time to protect you from the sun. Functioning as a wide-open area, should you take shelter beneath your pergola, bear in mind that you may still face exposure to UV rays, no matter how cool the breeze itself feels.

The good news? A pergola covering can easily help to mitigate such exposure.

Beating Sunshine with Sunesta

Here at Sunesta, we believe that your outdoor comfort and protection should be prioritized. Thus, regardless of whether you opt for an awning or pergola, we can offer you exactly what you need to ensure you can live your best life in the shade!

With custom-made retractable products that unfurl at the mere push of a button in addition to the nation’s leading warranty, your Southeastern property is guaranteed to reap the benefits of enhanced exterior protection.

This summer, relax more easily when you experience the Sunesta difference! All you have to do is contact us by calling 1-800-SUNESTA and you’ll have started your streamlined journey to outdoor comfort.