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From sweaty to sweltering, summer in the Southwest only grows hotter with every passing day. But heat stroke isn’t the only danger to be wary of as you find yourself reaching for a cool beverage.

Remember: the sun in and of itself also poses a danger.

So, when you’ve been looking forward to charging head-on into the season for its various outdoor events and opportunities, how can you stay safe when the sun is all but relentless?

Shelter found beneath a state-of-the-art Sunesta awning in the Southwest

If You Can’t Stand the (Summer) Heat…

Fun fact: the Southwest is the hottest, sunniest region in the United States. And depending on where, in particular, you are in the area, you may be more or less likely to experience damage related to direct sun exposure.

For example, according to U.S. Climate Data, Phoenix, Arizona receives the most sunlight in June — a total of 404 hours of bright sunlight. Thus, residents of this city are most likely to feel the heat — both literally and figuratively.

“Sometime around the middle or end of June, the temperature in the Valley rises to its highest point all year, albeit with standard levels of nothing humidity,” AZ Central explains. “The temperature rises to the 110s, and even as high as the record 122 in 1990.”

So, if you’re searching for summer safety that doesn’t involve running back inside, what should you look for?

Factoring in Protective Fabrics

“You can reduce your risk of sun damage and skin cancer by staying in the shade under an umbrella, tree, or another shelter,” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) explains. “Your best bet to protect your skin is to use sunscreen or wear protective clothing when you’re outside—even when you’re in the shade.”

Thankfully, Sunesta is here to offer Phoenix-area residents — and residents of the Southwest at large — comprehensive solutions for outdoor comfort and safety: our revolutionary awnings!

Specifically, Sunesta awning fabrics are manufactured with a minimum ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 30, thereby earning recognition by the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

With your customized retractable awning deployed, you can get back to relishing the summer season… without staying indoors.

Ready to Savor in Sunesta Solutions?

Here at Sunesta, we know sun exposure is nothing to take lightly — which is precisely why we focus on providing industry-leading shade!

In fact, not only are our awning fabrics resistant to fading, mold, rot, and more, but they remain durable thanks to a synthetic blend of fibers:

  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • Or a combination of these materials

If you’re ready and waiting to remain up to 20 degrees cooler with Sunesta’s revolutionary products and the nation’s best warranty, we’ve got you covered… literally! Contact our team today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA for your FREE estimate.

We look forward to optimizing your outdoor safety and comfort in the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona!