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The cold has officially receded, and with it, the final lingering chills of spring have also ebbed. Now, you and your family can finally bask in the comfortable warmth that is the Northeastern summer!

That being said, caution should not be forgotten completely.

If you’re looking for inspiration to help you make the most of the summer season — while staying both cool and protected outdoors — we’re here to help.

A home in the Northeast featuring an enclosed patio screen

Don’t Shrug the Importance of Shade

While the Northeast is not subject to the same oppressive heatwaves as its southern neighbors, residents of this region are not altogether safe from the dangers heat and direct sunlight may pose.

For example, the reported average temperature for summer in the Northeast ranges between 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s more, “in July there is an average of 10.91 hours of sunshine a day and a total of 338.24 hours of sunshine throughout July,” as reported by Climate Data.

Thus, a state-of-the-art screen for one’s patio becomes a must in order to…

  • Mitigate direct sun exposure
  • Stay up to 20 degrees cooler
  • Prevent heat-induced illness
  • Protect property from sun-related fading
  • And more

When Privacy is the Priority

“Three-quarters (74%) of Americans use their patios for relaxation, while nearly three in five use them for socializing with family and friends (58%),” according to a press release published by the International Casual Furnishings Association. “Over half (51%) use their outdoor spaces for cooking.”

And with so much time spent outdoors — particularly with loved ones — comes the necessity and desire for increased privacy.

After all, the only thing more unpleasant than the Northeastern summer heat is knowing that your neighbors’ curiosity may get the best of them, so defending against prying eyes becomes a priority.

Thankfully, a patio screen can also accommodate this concern, as the woven mesh of your choice can be tight enough to enhance your privacy while fine enough to permit a cool, comfortable breeze.

Safe, Shady, State-of-the-Art Solutions with Sunesta

At the end of the day, you deserve the opportunity to make the most of your favorite outdoor space — no matter the season or temperature. That’s why, here at Sunesta, we specialize in providing industry-leading solutions for outdoor comfort and safety in the Northeast!

Specifically, Sunesta screens do more than just keep you cool and protect your privacy. They also prevent pest intrusion, help to soften the blow of blustery winds, and more.

In other words, a Sunesta screen is your one state-of-the-art solution to any number of outdoor problems!

So, are you ready to reap the benefits of optimized shade? Then contact Sunesta today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA! We look forward to providing you with a FREE estimate and the nation’s best warranty.