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When you live in a region notorious for its sunshine (hello, Sun Belt residents!) we’re sure there’s one thing you’ve had drilled into your mind time and again: sun protection is paramount.

And in the Southeast? Sun exposure and resources only continue to climb.

“The Southeast has tremendous solar potential (second only to the desert southwest) and has been experiencing near exponential solar growth for the last five years,” according to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Thus, as you slather on the sunscreen and reach for a cold bottle of water, we want to turn your attention to your home. More specifically, to the matter of providing yourself protection while on your patio.

Resting & Relaxing With A Retractable Awning

When you’re already sweating through the midst of the summer, the last thing you want is to exhaust your body further by exerting energy while cranking out your awning. In fact, the mere idea of putting in that may even deter you from relishing the shade of an awning altogether!

Thus, a retractable awning offers a simple but effective means for protecting your patio in addition to your comfort, as your awning will immediately unfurl with the single push of a button, thereby blocking the damaging UV rays you so desperately want to avoid.

What’s more, when you invest in a Sunesta awning, you’re granted the gift of customization. Not only can you choose the fabric and frame yourself, but you can also further enhance the overall experience with technological accessories designed for year-round optimization.

Carrying Comfort Beneath Your Canopy

That sun hat may shield your eyes, but what about your skin? And those UV-reflecting sleeves may further protect your body, but aren’t you hot enough already without layers of sweat-slicked fabric sticking to you?

Surely, there’s a better solution. (Hint: there is!)

Should your patio space be more expansive than that of the typical backyard space — such as with a restaurant or other commercial space — a canopy offers the same shady protection as an awning but with increased versatility in terms of its placement.

Serving as a fully retractable shelter complete with rain gutters, a canopy will keep you and your guests up to 20 degrees cooler regardless of how close it is to your main property and air conditioning. What better way to keep everyone happy together whilst lounging outdoors?

Saying “So Long” To The Sun Behind Your Screen

Between the signature Southeastern mosquitoes, the harsh glare of the persistent sun, and the passing rain showers that render the overall climate of some states (like Florida) relatively unpredictable, the ability to adapt easily to ever-changing weather is of the utmost importance.

Thus, a retractable patio screen offers a comprehensive solution to all of the aforementioned! Not only will it block the sun and outdoor pests simultaneously, but it will also offer enhanced protection and privacy from neighbors or other prying eyes.

Additionally, the screen itself will mitigate water damage, as the grooves of the screen will break up water droplets during storms and showers, effectively leading the water downward and away from your surroundings.

In all, where there’s an abundance of summer sun in the Southeast, you’ll also find an abundance of solutions designed to optimize your outdoor comfort — especially with Sunesta!

100% American-made and custom-designed according to your home or businesses’ dimensions, our products are manufactured with your comfort and safety in mind. What’s more, when you purchase a Sunesta product, you’ll also get FREE installation with your local dealer in addition to the nation’s leading warranty!

Why wait for a summer solution to present itself when you can have one installed? Get started with your FREE estimate today by contacting Sunesta at 1-800-SUNESTA!