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According to the National Climate Assessment (NCA), the Southwestern United States has the hottest, driest climate in comparison to any other region in the country.

What’s more, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has identified the Southwest as one of the primary U.S. regions to offer optimized solar resources. Why? Because of the high volumes of sunshine it receives year-round.

The problem, however, is that it just might translate into higher rates of discomfort for you come time for summer to swing in at full force. Thus, we’re here today to shed a little light on three distinct options you have for customizing your patio for quality comfort:

All About the Awnings

By installing an awning over your patio, you’re providing yourself with the enhanced versatility you’ve long sought for your favorite outdoor space.

In particular, Sunesta’s custom-made retractable awnings can keep you and your loved ones up to 20 degrees cooler, all while protecting you from the insistent Southwest sun above. Deployed at the push of a button, a retractable awning provides you not only with ample shade, but also the opportunity to customize your outdoor experience. For example, you can always accessorize your space further with LED lights or SmartTilt technology that can be angled in accordance with the sun’s daily movement.

In short, an awning isn’t just an extension of your patio — it’s an easy way to optimize your comfort!

Seeing the Sense in Screens

If you desire a more all-encompassing form of sun protection without having to sacrifice the cool kiss of the breeze, a retractable screen is another ideal choice for your patio.

Offering the best in terms of shade, privacy, and overall protection from both the sun and outdoor pests, Sunesta’s customizable screens slide seamlessly into place with a motorized deployment mechanism in addition to your choice of four different mounting options. What’s more, you get to further customize your comfortable outdoor space by choosing both the frame and color for your screen.

Finally, in the event of a passing sun shower, the screen itself will break up the large rain droplets, thereby converting the poorly-timed weather into a fine, cooling mist for you.

What better way to convert your hot patio into your favorite stay-cation center?

Calling For a Quality Canopy

Is your patio a little larger than most? Does it feature areas that feel a little too far out for an awning to effectively reach? Then we encourage you to consider the protection afforded to you by a canopy!

For example, Sunesta’s Sunplus canopy not only acts as a retractable shelter for your patio, but also features rain gutters to ensure both your patio and outdoor enjoyment are protected come rain or shine.

After all, versatility is key to residing in this region, right?

In short, the Southwest knows no shortage of sun — but that doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to the relentless UV rays and ever-climbing summer heat. Instead, you can optimize your outdoor comfort with any number of Sunesta products!

Not only are all of our awnings, screens, and canopies designed according to your choice of frame and fabric, but they’ll also be custom-designed to match your home’s dimensions as well as come with the nation’s leading warranty.So, are you ready to live life in the shade? Then supplement your Southwest home or business with Sunesta! To get your FREE quote, contact our team today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA. We look forward to shining a light on your comfort.