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There are a number of reasons you may value your home, ranging from memories and sentimentality to its proximity to your favorite restaurants.

The real estate market, however, is bound to see things a little differently.

Thus, if you’re preparing to increase your home value while the market is still hot, an awning is an ideal addition to your to-do list! Here’s why:

A Sunesta awning provides shade for a residential porch in the Northeast

A Sunesta awning provides shade for a residential porch in the Northeast

Banking on Longevity

Before we dive into the sun-soaked comfort offered by awnings, let’s first stop to consider how it may actually boost your home’s value by way of outdoor longevity.

Specifically, “a new study quantifying the impact of curb appeal found that the attractiveness of a home can boost its value by 7% or more,” as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Thus, the attractiveness of your property’s exterior absolutely can play into your success in the Northeastern market.

Thankfully, an awning mitigates potential complications. By casting consistent shade, the awning fabric will prevent direct sunlight from hitting your home at a variety of angles, thereby preventing…

  •     Faded property (both indoors and outdoors)
  •     Chipping paint
  •     Deterioration of siding
  •     And more

Redirecting Your Energy

Before you put too much energy into a home renovation for the sake of your bills, we encourage you to open up to an awning. No, really!

In fact, when it comes to energy bills, the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has found that homeowners in the Northeast can save anywhere from 19% to 35% on average throughout the year after they install an awning.

And when you invest in a retractable awning built by Sunesta, you can keep your home up to 20 degrees cooler year-round!

Regardless of whether you need a solution for your porch, patio, doors, or windows, the right awning can reinvigorate your home’s overall value by fending off sunlight.

Widening Your Horizons

Last but not least, let’s not forget another simple but effective way that an awning will increase your home value: by increasing your overall space.

For example, not only can Sunesta provide you with a custom-designed awning made specifically for your Northeastern home, but we also manufacture retractable awnings with projections up to almost 15 feet and widths exceeding forty feet!

And who wouldn’t be enticed by the idea of a cool, comfortable solace in their own backyard?

So, if you’re eyeing the real estate market and deciding on how best to strategize, we recommend you reach out to Sunesta! Between revolutionary products, the nation’s best warranty, and FREE estimates, you’ll find it’s all smooth sailing from here.

Get started today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA!