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When it comes to curating the perfect outdoor space for you and your family, what is something that can both elevate its style

A Sunesta awning with revolutionary technology is extended over a patio in the Southwest

A Sunesta awning with revolutionary technology is extended over a patio in the Southwest

and make your life a little bit easier? Innovative and reliable technology!

At Sunesta, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with cutting-edge technology that turns your outdoor space into an oasis. If you live in the Southwest, make the most of your retractable screens and awnings with the Sunesta difference!

Our Smart Technology is Unmatched

In addition to various retractable awnings, screens, and so much more, Sunesta also offers technological accessories — ranging from smart sensors to remote controls!

Our Smart technology accessories include:

  • Wind sensors
  • Sun sensors
  • Smart control remotes
  • LED smart lights
  • Smart mechanics (mounts, folding technology, pitching, alignment, and more)

With our motorized awnings, sun and wind sensors will take convenience to the next level. When wind levels pick up to a certain speed, the wind sensor will automatically retract your awning to avoid any potential damage.

When sunlight is beating down on your patio, the sun sensor will notify your awning to pull out, allowing you to get the most out of your Sunesta awning! With Southwestern heat, a sun sensor can even help lower cooling costs in your home — who doesn’t want that?

With Sunesta remote controls, you can make a change with the touch of a button. You can even connect Sunesta technology to your smartphone for optimal convenience. Our dimmable LED awning lights are completely waterproof and provide 12 different levels of brightness — 100% customizable for your needs.

Choose Sunesta

Not only can our Smart technology accessories elevate your outdoor oasis, but they also integrate seamlessly into your life, all thanks to our easy-to-use design. Say hello to top-notch versatility and customization with Sunesta!

When you choose Sunesta, you’re choosing a company with a history of innovation and quality! If you’re a Southwestern resident who is ready to take the next step in elevating the beauty of your outdoor living space while staying stress-free, contact us today or call 1-800-SUNESTA for a free estimate!