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Sunesta Partners with Boys & Girls Club to Boost Child Literacy

On February 1st, 2024, Sunesta teamed up with The Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast to support literacy development for children throughout Southwest Florida. This exciting new initiative provides resources to help kids build language comprehension and word recognition skills.

The Boys and Girls Club’s Leading Through Literacy Program takes a thorough, engaging approach to nurturing strong reading abilities in young learners. From Clearwater Beach to Santa Clarita, Sunesta experts came together to create four themed “Literacy Labs”:

Camping Literacy Lab

Books and hands-on activities centered around the great outdoors and camping.

Ships Literacy Lab

Nautical-themed reading materials and projects.

Insects Literacy Lab

Bug-focused books and crafts to spark curiosity about insects.

Buildings Literacy Lab

Architectural books and building activities to inspire young minds.

Each Literacy Lab was carefully curated to make reading an enjoyable journey of discovery.

“The books and activities were wonderfully selected,” said Damion Pitts, a Florida Sunesta expert involved. “I believe this will go a long way to help youth move forward positively in literacy.”

The Literacy Labs are now being distributed to children and families in the Leading Through Literacy Program. Trained literacy coaches will deliver the themed lessons using Scarborough’s proven Reading Rope instructional model.

For the Sunesta team, partnering with the Boys & Girls Club was incredibly rewarding.

“It’s truly rewarding to see the positive impact they make on young people’s lives,” said Terry, a Sunesta expert from Connecticut. “We were absolutely thrilled to contribute to their community efforts!”

Through initiatives like this literacy program, Sunesta and the Boys & Girls Club are teaming up to create brighter futures. One book, one activity, one child at a time, they’re boosting reading skills and nurturing a lifelong love of learning.

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