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Sunesta Custom Awnings from Sunesta on Vimeo.

We can’t help but all gravitate towards the warmth.

Especially come time for retirement, nobody wants to struggle and sigh over shoveling snow or braving icy roads, so why not move to where those problems… just don’t exist?

That is, why not retire in the Southeast?

Chances are, you’ve already considered this idea if retirement is on the horizon. And, if so, we want to propose you consider one more element for your post-work relaxation: A motorized awning that complements both your Southeastern property and priorities.

Sun Protection In The Southeast

Of all the places one may choose to retire in the United States, the Southeast is by far the most popular.

“As of the second quarter 2020, there were 3,672 senior housing communities in the Southeast region of the United States,” Statista reported. “This was the region with the most senior housing communities in the country.”

What’s more, the Southeast region is defined by its tropical and persistently sunny climate, making adequate sun protection a must-have. Thus, a motorized awning makes an ideal addition to one’s home or business not only to protect their skin, but also to protect their property from fading, wear, and damage.

Simply put, from patio to pergola, window, or door, a motorized awning is a logical decision for Southeastern retirees.

To Crank Or Not To Crank?

While many may gravitate toward a manual crank awning based on the allure of a low price tag, it may ultimately cost them more in the long run — both physically and financially.

Not only are crank awnings simply not as efficient as motorized awnings, but they may also be subject to rusting and/or increased degradation if not extended or retracted for prolonged periods of time.

Moreover, motorized awnings are deployed with the mere push of a button. Thus, not only is the aforementioned drawback easily remedied, but it may also save retirees from the physical stress and pain of having to continually crank the awning in and out over time.

In short, they can optimize their long-term health and wellbeing by optimizing their property with the right awning.

Moving Toward Your Motorized Solution

So you know a motorized awning is an effective addition to your soon-to-be retirement property. The only question, then, is how to determine where to get yours from. But don’t worry, the answer is certified and on its way sooner than you think.

In short, the answer is Sunesta!

Not only are all Sunesta awnings American-made and custom-designed to fit your home’s dimensions but, upon ordering yours, you will also be provided with the nation’s leading warranty in addition to your choice of over 130 sun-resistant fabric options.

Why wait to keep your retirement up to 20 degrees cooler when you can contact Sunesta today? Call 1-800-SUNESTA to get your FREE estimate and learn more today!