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Who doesn’t love some good barbeque? We certainly do. And we know that there’s nothing better than enjoying a plate of delicious comfort food to warm you right up when it’s chilly out.

There are many ways to enjoy a barbeque, but here at Sunesta, we believe that it’s best enjoyed outdoors surrounded by loved ones. Our range of customizable retractable screens offers the best protection from weather and the elements, letting you enjoy your meals in your outdoor space all year round.

Your Guide to Delicious BBQ

We’re strong believers in comfort food being medicine for the soul — especially Southern BBQ. There are endless ways to enjoy a BBQ cookout — from grilling ribs to throwing meat on a slow cooker, barbeques are a great way for friends and family to gather.

Some of our favorite, mouth-watering BBQ dishes for winter include:

Aside from savory dishes, why not get creative with something sweet, or even with your drinks?

Environment and ambiance can also take your next winter BBQ gathering to the next level.  There’s nothing like enjoying good food with friends and loved ones in a cozy outdoor space, protected from the chill of winter. The Sunesta team is here to help you elevate your outdoor oasis just in time for the winter season!

Stay Cozy with Sunesta

Just because temperatures are dropping in the Southeast, that doesn’t mean you have to be pent up inside! Our retractable

A Sunesta screens provides enhanced shade and comfort to a Southeastern patio

A Sunesta screens provides enhanced shade and comfort to a Southeastern patio

screens, the Sunroll and the Sentry, can be made for any type of outdoor living space and are sure to offer industry-leading protection.

We also offer a variety of frame color options, as well as a wide selection of fabrics. Screens are custom-made to fit the exact size of your unique outdoor space and come with an industry-leading warranty.

With a protected Sunesta patio, you can grill out with peace of mind and enjoy great food and even greater company — no matter the season. Sunesta screens are sure to protect you from chilly winds that take over the Southeast this winter.

If you’re ready to take the next step in ensuring the protection of your patio from the winter chills, contact us today or call 1-800-SUNESTA for a free estimate!