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The cool breeze is a balm as it blows gently across your sweaty skin. Summer, after all, is nearly back in full swing. And with the heat comes the desire for cool solutions, and what could possibly be better than the natural aid of the wind?

The problem, however, comes when the wind takes a turn for the worst.

Specifically, what happens when its force grows to be too much? What does this mean for your home, particularly if you have an outdoor awning already installed and deployed?

An open Sunesta awning in the Midwest region

Watching the Windiest Region

“Windy weather is incredibly common in Iowa and the rest of the Midwest,” as reported by We Are Iowa. “There’s always wind … outside, even if it occasionally reaches an unnoticeable speed, typically referred to as calm.”

Thus the Midwestern states are generally considered ideal locations for developing sustainable wind energy, according to the United States Department of Energy, due to their overall wind power density.

For example, according to World Population Review, Wyoming is currently leading as the windiest state in America for the year 2022. In this state, there have been recorded wind speeds of…

  • 21.5 mph (mean) at approximately 328 ft
  • 14.1 mph (mean) at approximately 33 ft

But, as previously mentioned, the wind might offer an excellent source of renewable energy — but it does not offer as much in the way of outdoor safety.

When Wind Poses a Problem

A breezy day in the summer is one thing, but a blustery day in the blistering sun poses more problems than one in the Midwestern region.

In particular, with wind hurling itself around your property anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour, loose property items and other forms of hazardous debris become a concern. Additionally, awning owners face another fear:

Watching the frame and fabric fly away in the wake of the overpowering wind speeds.

And if they have an awning that is installed directly into the side of their property, it will cause costly damage in more ways than one should it fall victim to the whims of the weather. So, what happens if they can’t go outside for one reason or another to bring the awning back in?

Worse, what if they’re not home and don’t even know that the awning needs to be retracted?

Say “No” to Wind Damage with Sunesta

Here at Sunesta, we put the safety and comfort of our customers first. And when the wind threatens to blow away their peace of mind, we want nothing less than to offer a solution…

Which is why we’ve developed revolutionary wind sensors!

As an optional feature you can add to your awning, our wind sensors are designed to detect high wind speeds and automatically retract your state-of-the-art Sunesta awning. As a result, you’ll protect both your installation itself and the safety of your home’s exterior altogether.

So, are you ready to optimize your Midwestern home and enhance your Sunesta awning? Then it’s time to reach out to our team!

Not only do we offer white-glove service and FREE installation through your local dealer, but our products also come with the nation’s leading warranty. Don’t wait to be blown away — call Sunesta today at 1-800-SUNESTA to get started!