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As thunderstorms become more frequent in the Midwest, many homeowners may be left wondering how they can protect both their property and themselves from the elements.

Thankfully, Sunesta has the answer with industry-leading retractable awnings, screens, and smart technology! Not only do our products provide superior protection from heavy rains and high winds, but they also allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space no matter the weather.

Thanks to Sunesta, you can rest assured that you and your home are safe — even as a storm blows in. Here’s what you want to know:

The Reality of Midwestern Rain

A horse stands protected from the rain beneath a Sunesta awning int he Midwest

Midwestern thunderstorms are no joke; while they may start off with harmless rain and wind, they can grow in strength faster than one might expect.

Specifically, thunderstorms in the Midwest have the power to pack a serious punch of wind, causing you to run back indoors as trees sway and pieces of debris begin to fly. Heavy rains can also lead to flooding in low-lying areas, and lightning strikes are one of the leading storm-related causes of death in the Midwest.

That being said, there are options and solutions available. In fact, Sunesta technology has your back in more ways than one.

Worried About the Wind?

You can picture it: Your awning is deployed, flapping wildly in the wind. You, however, are distracted inside with the kids. Or perhaps you’re not at home and you forgot to retract it before you left. Either way, it’s out as the Midwestern storm blows in.

There’s no need to worry, though! Simply make sure your awning is protected with a smart wind sensor. Sunesta wind sensors can help avoid any awning damage with their ability to automatically retract your awnings when strong winds are detected!

Not only do you know that your property is safe and secure with this technology, but you also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is protected during windy conditions of any kind.

The Perfect Screen for a Storm

Are you worried about the howling winds and rain of Midwestern thunderstorms? Not anymore! Sunesta screens are engineered with frames that draw wind down and away from your property, helping to soften the blow.

The carefully woven mesh fabric also keeps larger drops of rain from infiltrating your outdoor space while still allowing in a light mist.

Overall, Midwestern thunderstorms can be a source of concern, but Sunesta technology offers a great way to make sure your property is safe. With frames built for durability and fabric designed for protection, you will finally be able to enjoy a beautiful view without worrying about a savage storm ruining your day.

If you want reliable regional protection during inclement weather, then look no further than Sunesta technology!

Don’t just wait out the storm — reach out by calling 1-800-SUNESTA today to get your FREE estimate and learn more about how these revolutionary products will provide you with industry-leading shade and protection!