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You deserve a break. And with Labor Day on the horizon, what better opportunity is there to take a sweet summer break with your loved ones?

Particularly if you want to enjoy the final fleeting moments of the season, getting back outside is going to be your number one priority — it’s only a matter of doing so safely and comfortably.

But have no fear, Sunesta is here with Labor Day celebration ideas for you and the family:

Screening Your Sources of Inspiration

As the end of summer nears, one word will clearly be on everyone’s mind: shade. After all, the season isn’t over yet, so An open Sunesta awning provides shade beside a backyard pool in the Northeastthe heat still has some time to linger in the Northeastern region.

So, when it comes to celebrating Labor Day without the discomfort of direct sunlight, we recommend you move your patio party behind a custom-designed screen!

You’ll all be able to keep cool, comfortable, and refreshed with an ice cream social, for example. A summer staple that’s sure to offer a flavor for everyone, the shade of your retractable screen will prevent immediate melting while you treat your tastebuds!

And if you’re entertaining an older crowd, an afternoon cocktail hour is sure to bring about the same level of satisfaction for a safe celebration. Plus, the woven screen fabric will offer you enhanced privacy and protection from outdoor pests.

Adding a Little Awe and Awning

If you’re keeping your options open — as well as your patio — an awning offers you the ideal outdoor space to kick back and relax in the Northeast! In fact, a state-of-the-art Sunesta awning is capable of keeping you up to 20 degrees cooler, thereby extending the length of time you can host out on your home patio.

The only thing left to decide? The type of get-together!

Personally, we recommend a movie afternoon beneath your awning. The awning will cast the ideal amount of shade to keep everyone cool while darkening the area enough for the screen. So pile on the pillows, hook up your projector, and grab the popcorn!

Otherwise, backyard camping is the perfect way to enjoy the summer night as a family without straying too far! Unfurl the awning, set up Sunesta’s LED awning lights as your own homemade stars, and pitch your tent. Memories are sure to be made.

Your Party on the Patio with Sunesta

At the end of the day, your Labor Day party doesn’t need a lot of, well, labor! Simply invest in your home by investing in Sunesta’s unparalleled sun solutions.

As your leading experts in outdoor comfort and safety, we understand the necessity of living life in the shade, and that’s why we offer FREE installation when you order a Sunesta screen or awning through your local Northeastern dealer!

What’s more, all of our products come with the nation’s best warranty, thereby offering you peace of mind in addition to optimized outdoor comfort.

Ready to learn more? Contact Sunesta today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA to get your FREE estimate!