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It’s hot and muggy enough as it is but, sure enough, the summer rains have returned to dampen your fun. Again.

Especially as the winter retreats, those of us living in the Southeast want nothing more than to run outside and bask in the glorious sunshine. But when the darkened clouds move in, you’re forced to swallow your excitement and run back inside.

Or are you?

Actually, armed with the right awning, you can absolutely keep the party going! Here’s what you need to know:

<i> An awning provides poolside shade in the Southeast </i>

Ready Yourself for Rainfall

When it comes to the Southeastern region of the United States, the summer season doesn’t only bring hours upon hours of blistering sunshine — but also high volumes of overall rainfall.

In fact, the National Weather Service reports that “on the average, 69% of the annual precipitation totals occurred during the summer season which averages slightly less than 5 months.”

What’s more, “the Southeast gets an average of around 50 inches of precipitation each year, including some frozen precipitation in all areas except most of Florida and southern Georgia,” according to the North Carolina Climate Center.

As such, residents of the Southeast need to remain equipped for high volumes of rainfall no matter the season, both to protect their water-vulnerable properties and to prepare for any outdoor events or activities.

How an Awning Offsets the Precipitation

Regardless of the time of year, Southeastern residents can benefit from the protection of an industry-leading awning.

Specifically, an awning provides shelter for the homeowner’s chosen exterior space of choice, thereby allowing them to continue enjoying the warmth and joy of the summer without having to retreat indoors.

And when they opt to work with Sunesta, they can also reap the benefits of installing a custom-designed awning with projections up to almost 15 feet and widths exceeding forty feet! In other words, they can do more than relax beneath the awning — they can entertain, exercise, or even eat outside with family!

Additionally, Sunesta awnings come designed with synthetic fabrics that are resistant to both molds and rotting in the wake of such heavy downpours.

Sunnier Possibilities with Sunesta

Come rain or shine, Sunesta’s custom-designed, American-made awnings are ready to help you weather the storm.

Quickly retracted in the worst of storms as well as easily deployed on the sunniest of days, we guarantee that Sunesta’s outdoor products will keep you safe, comfortable, and up to 20 degrees cooler!

What’s more, we also offer FREE installation with your local dealer in addition to the nation’s best warranty.

Why wait? Conquer the Southeastern summer today by reaching out to Sunesta at 1-800-SUNESTA! With one call, you’ll have a FREE estimate in no time.