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While the concept of “shade” may initially seem like a simple one, there are days where finding shade in your own backyard may become a little more involved than you expected, possibly even warranting a whole new home renovation project.

But we think the best solutions are the ones where simplicity meets innovation.

That’s why, complete with industry-leading technology, Sunesta offers custom-designed retractable awnings and screens to residents across the United States. Of course, our products are more than just a shady enhancement to your residential curb appeal — they’re also automatically retractable and come with the option of various technological enhancements!

For example, our products feature both Smart Power and Smart Control features, meaning the mere press of a button is all it takes to deploy or retract the awning using its app-friendly and automatic motor.

Sunesta awning and technology

Sunesta awning and technology

“[The remote control] is as simple as it gets,” affirmed a local customer and resident of Richmond, WI, whose awning was installed on June 10, 2021. “Three buttons: one to move it out, one in the middle to stop any time, and one to bring the system back in. … I give my highest recommendation to anyone who is looking for this type of exceptional quality product to check it out and go with Sunesta.”

That being said, the Sunesta team is also cognizant of the outdoor elements and how they may impact one’s home. Thus, we’ve engineered wind sensors that take the guesswork out of deciding when it’s too hazardous to leave your awning out.

“We’re enjoying our new Sunesta retractable awning,” said one customer from Colorado Springs, who was able to enjoy revolutionary shade following their June 13, 2021 installation. “The temperature is cooler under the awning which is great for us and our plants. The wind sensor is a must-have so you don’t have to be the judge of when it’s too windy for the awning.”

“The awning is beautiful and made very well,” another customer from Limerick, Pa marveled. Their awning was installed in April of 2020. “It blocks the sun and my deck is a lot cooler now! I love the feature when it’s windy out and the sensor detects the wind and closes the awning!”

And for those looking to go the extra mile, we have both Smart LED awning lights as well as SmartTilt technology available to them.

While the LED awning lights will help anybody transform their daytime shelter into an evening haven, SmartTilt provides them with the power of consistent UV protection. That is, as the sun gradually tracks its way across the horizon, you can now easily adjust the angle of your awning to keep the rays from falling beneath the fabric.

So, are you ready to stay up to 20 degrees cooler with Sunesta? Then contact us today to get your FREE estimate!

Between our white-glove service, the nation’s leading warranty, and our state-of-the-art products, we know you’ll love your Sunesta solutions. Call us today at 1-800-SUNESTA to learn more!