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Are you sick and tired of dealing with annoying bugs and insects in the Southeast? If so, then Sunesta is the perfect option for you. Our shade solutions, including our retractable screens, are carefully designed to protect your outdoor space from pests!

Sunesta screens are designed to keep bugs out while also providing an unobstructed view — an excellent choice for those looking to get some peace and quiet from all that buzzing! Anyone, especially Southeastern homeowners, can benefit from adding this homey touch to their outdoor space.

Retractable Sunesta screens effectively block bugs and pests in the Southeast

Pests of the Southeast

The Southeastern United States is home to a variety of different bugs and pests. Not only can these pests cause significant damage to property, but they can also be harmful to you and your family! This makes it extremely important for homeowners in the region to take preventive measures all year round.

Common bugs and pests in the Southeast include:

  • Cockroaches — Can be found hiding in dark corners and can even trigger asthma in young children.
  • Ants — The most common invasive pest in the Southeast, whose bites can cause allergic reactions.
  • Ticks — These are very common in wooded areas and can bore deep into both our skin and onto our pets.
  • Mosquitoes — Especially active during hot summer nights and can carry transmissible diseases like Malaria.
  • Termites — Can break down wooden structures and can form colonies that destroy dry wood
  • Spiders — Very common in Florida and can produce harmful venomous bites.

Providing your loved ones with top-tier protection from bothersome pests has never been easier with Sunesta retractable screens! Choose from either our Sentry or Sunroll — both fully customizable to fit both your unique space and aesthetic.

Stay Protected With Sunesta

Sunesta screens, accompanied by our smart technology accessories, provide Southeast homeowners with an effective way to protect their space! Our retractable screens can effectively deploy, instantly providing shade, shelter, and protection that lasts.

When you choose Sunesta, you’re choosing a company with a history and tradition of innovation and quality! Our retractable screens utilize cutting-edge technology and offer you top-of-the-line protection.

If you’re a Southeastern resident ready to take the next step in ensuring your outdoor oasis stays pest-free, contact us today or call 1-800-SUNESTA for a free estimate!