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Sunesta awnings protect your home from the sunRecently, one of our satisfied customers — Lynn from Florida — found her outdoor furniture and house paint were becoming bleached from too much sun exposure.

Especially here in the Sunshine State, the intense heat and ultraviolet rays can cause paint and other finishing materials to fade, crack and become brittle. The sun’s energy can also have a negative effect on plants, causing foliage to scorch or dry out if they aren’t given enough water or shade.

And while Lynn tried planting various shrubs and trees around her backyard to cast some natural shade, it didn’t prove effective enough.

“I was getting really frustrated,” she explained, “and I needed a more immediate and long-lasting solution.”

So, after doing some research, she chose a Sunesta awning to help protect her property!

At first, Lynn was unsure if the awning would be enough; however, since installation, she has found that the Sunesta awning has been able to protect her outdoor furniture and house paint from the punishing rays of the summer sun and preserve its color for years to come.

What’s more, as Sunesta will custom manufacture each product, Lynn was able to find coverage that fit the unique dimensions of her particular outdoor space.

Additionally, thanks to Sunesta’s broad inventory of fabric options — including over 150 varieties of colors and patterns — she was able to find the ideal green shade to complement her home’s existing aesthetic.

“It was honestly a relief once I finally saw the awning deployed,” Lynn told Sunesta. “I finally had something that actually shaded everything that I prefer to leave outdoors. Plus, the space is cooler than before, so I get to enjoy sitting outside longer than I used to!”

In short, Lynn’s experience with Sunesta proves that even residents of the brightest and hottest regions can depend on our products! Plus, with our nation’s leading warranty and free installation provided by your local dealer, you can trust that your investment is a wise one.

Lynn certainly thought so!

We’re proud to offer such dependable products that combine both style and substance — a win-win situation for anyone looking for an effective solution against the elements! If you’re tired of dealing with faded, pitted, or bleached furniture as a result of sun exposure, then invest in a Sunesta awning today and enjoy your favorite pieces all year long!

Simply contact our team today by calling 1-800-SUNESTA to get started with your FREE estimate!