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Minnesota’s spring season is a relatively fickle one, with it truly serving as the chilly bridge between winter and summer.

With high temperatures reaching an average of about 49 degrees Fahrenheit by April — and with the state seeing an overall total of about seven hours’ worth of sunlight in a day by May — snow is quickly left behind as the sun emerges with more force.

Thus, a wide variety of insects may be stirring throughout these particular months. For instance, some will continue to breach your home in pursuit of warmth — such as your standard ants, cockroaches, wasps, and even bed bugs — whereas others will only begin to reawaken in anticipation of the coming summer months. These insects might include black ticks, buffalo gnats, or any of Minnesota’s 51 different mosquito varieties.

And as you venture out to enjoy spring’s first temperate breezes for yourself, you no doubt want to have the options to linger without panicking over pests.

For this reason, we recommend you install Minnesota’s best outdoor screens to protect you from unwanted contact with critters: Sunesta’s custom-made retractable screens!

Not only do you have the option to choose between the innovative Sentry or the state-of-the-art Sunroll, but these screens will… 

  • Effectively prevent insect infestations
  • Protect your outdoor privacy from prying eyes
  • Prevent fading of both your property and the screen itself thanks to its durable, sun-resistant acrylic fabric
  • Keep you up to 20 degrees cooler when the hotter months of the year return
  • And more!

Sunesta’s products are proudly made in America, designed to fit your home’s dimensions, and installed for free by your local dealer. Plus, Sunesta offers over 130 fabric options as well as the nation’s best warranty!

Don’t let insects upset your springtime joy. Instead, contact Sunesta and ask about how our products are built to withstand the changing seasons! Learn more today and get your FREE estimate by calling 1-800-SUNESTA.